DrumTyght Stretcher Bars

Invented: A Vastly Improved

Canvas Stretcher Frame!

Stephen Hall was convinced that solving the warping problem of wooden stretcher bars needed more than a materials change — it required a new shape and design—one that negated torsion; reduced weight; eliminated the need for corner keys, corner-bracing and cross-bracing; and allowed for the attachment of the canvas to aluminum stretcher bars without staples or tacks.

The combination of extruded aluminum with his patented triangular design creates a revolutionary new stretcher bar for professional level artist canvases—DrumTyght Stretcher Bars.
The Top Ten Benefits

  1. Reliability: DrumTyght™ stretchers will not warp, ever. The revolutionary triangular design negates torsion or the twisting of the frame due to torque.
  2. No Bracing Required: The patented triangular design allows for frame sizes up to 20 x 20 feet without corner or crossbraces. At the 20’ mark a connector bar will attach another 20’ of stretcher bar or less.
  3. Enhances Your Reputation: Drumtyght’s™ aluminum material and patented triangular design allows artists to enhance their professional credentials by using the most up-to-date and highest quality material for the foundation of their artwork.
  4. Positioning Statement: Enables professional artists to differentiate themselves from recreational artists and hobbyists who are painting on wooden stretcher bars.
  5. Reuseable: Canvas can be removed and restretched in the exact same position without any loss of image or canvas. Tacks and staples are not used to attach the canvas to the stretcher bar.
  6. Firmer Painting Surface: Canvas can be stretched tighter with more tension than on wooden stretchers.
  7. Less Storage Space: Since the frame can be broken down, it takes up less storage space with no damage to the canvas and stored flat or rolled.
  8. Cheaper to Ship: DrumTyght can be quickly disassembled, shipped and then easily assembled in less than 5 minutes at its destination.
  9. Lighter Weight: Makes it easier to handle large formats with no bracing required.
  10. Simplifies Making Your Own Canvas: DrumTyght™ stretcher bars and canvas can be assembled in minutes using only a phillips head screwdriver and a kitchen spatula.

Bonus Benefits:

  • DrumTyght Stretcher Bars are shipped to you free of charge as a kit with or without canvas.
  • Your collectors will appreciate the quality painting foundation that DrumTyght provides and which compliments the quality of your artwork.
  • Drumtyght™ Stretcher Bars are designed to withstand the test of time and various environments once it’s in the home of the collector.
  • Drumtyght™ Stretcher Bars are reusable, recyclable, sustainable and made in the USA.

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