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By Stephen Hall

As a painter, I’ve strived to make a living through my art. It’s been a struggle—maybe for you too. However, after a 47-year career, I’ve created a product and a business model that will solve many of the problems that every fine arts painter faces.

I’m now preparing to bring it to market. However, rather than selling or licensing my patented product to a corporation or art materials supplier, I would like for all artists to share in the profits that my product and business model can generate.

How can artists share in the profits? First, I will bring my patented product, DrumTyght Stretcher Bars, to market through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in 2018 to gain funds that will allow me to start manufacturing it.

Second, after DrumTyght is operational, I will form an artists’ purchasing cooperative (co-op) and will award it an exclusive license to sell DrumTyght Stretcher bars. It’s anticipated that the co-op will capture 23% of the professional art canvas market and other supplies and services valued at $2.6 billion as reported by The International Art Materials Trade Association.

By joining the proposed co-op, all member artists will be able to share in the profits of the sales of DrumTyght Stretcher Bars, along with the profits derived from the sales of other art supplies and services such as art coaches, accounting, legal and general business services. The co-op will be member-owned, member-controlled, and member-benefited—each member will have one vote and one share. Profits will be distributed to members based on the amount of their patronage of the purchasing co-op.

Trademark of the National Artists Cooperative, copyright © 2016 by Stephen Hall

Based on my previous experience as a consultant to USDA’s Rural Development (Business-Cooperative Services) and Rural Cooperatives magazine, I believe that a cooperative — such as the one I have described — can be formed within one year.

Together, we have an opportunity to form an organization that will provide artists with real financial strength and personal control in the marketplace. But it won’t happen without your help. Please sign up and follow this blog and my website, http://www.drumtyght.com, for updates on how you can participate and our progress. Share this opportunity with your fellow artists. If you have questions regarding DrumTyght Stretcher Bars or the purchasing co-op business model, you may e-mail me at shall@drumtyght.com.

For my track record and resume, go to LinkedIn at this link: www.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-hall/8/158/15a/

To view my paintings, go to this link: www.shallart.com

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