No Wood: No Warp!

WarpFix1 Warped painting on wall. Photo courtesy of Heather Lee Chan

As an artist you’ve probably experienced the frustration of warped canvases. Not only does a warped piece of artwork create production problems for you, but it also forces the gallery owner or art collector to question your competence as an artist—and, maybe, to reconsider future purchases from you or your gallery.

What’s an artist to do? Research on the internet has scores of “fixes” for paintings whose wooden stretcher bars have warped. One of the more typical fixes comes from Heather Lee Chan, painter and author of Lady Poppins Blog. Heather bought several large canvases—around 3 feet by 4 feet—for several new ideas. Unfortunately, some of her lovely paintings warped due to environmental changes while stored in her garage prior to sale. Her advice on how to fix this problem is to:

  1. Lay your painting face side down.
  2. Spray all wood with water.
  3. Weigh down the corners with random heavy objects.
  4. Leave overnight or for however much time you see fit.
  5. Hang up on the wall and be ecstatic that your $80 canvas is like new!


“It might not be perfectly straight. But if all the corners lay flat I call that a SUCCESS!” Heather Lee Chan

Of course, this is only a temporary fix. Just as the wooden stretchers absorbed the water and changed shaped due to the weights on the corners, it will once again warp on the collector’s wall if environmental conditions affect it. And then what?

Photo courtesy of Heather Lee Chan

Why be bothered with having to fix your warped canvases stretched over wooden frames? Our “No Wood. No Warp. No Worries!” promise with DrumTyght’s extruded aluminum stretcher bars is far easier to work with and less costly than any stretcher bar on the market today.

The TOP TEN Benefits

DrumTyght™ Stretcher Bars pair well with the needs of the professional artist and the collector:

  1. Enhanced reputation: Drumtyght’s™ extruded aluminum material and design allows the artist to enhance their own professional credentials by using the most up-to-date and highest quality material for the foundation of their artwork.
  2. Positioning statement: Enables the professional artist to differentiate themselves from recreational artists and hobbyists who are painting on wooden stretcher bars.
  3. Environmentally friendly: DrumTyght™ is recyclable, sustainable and 100% made in USA
  4. Reliability: DrumTyght™will not warp, ever
  5. Firmer painting surface: Canvas can be stretched tighter with more tension than on wooden stretchers.
  6. Reuseable: Canvas can be removed and restretched in the exact same position without any loss of image or canvas. Tacks and staples are not used to attach the canvas to the stretcher bar thus eliminating holes or tears in the canvas.
  7. Storage: Takes up less storage space since frame can be broken down, with no damage to canvas which can be stored flat or rolled.
  8. Cheaper to ship: DrumTyght’s™ extruded aluminum is hollow and lighter than wood with braces. It can be disassembled for shipping and easily reassembled at the destination.
  9. Lighter weight: Makes it easier to handle large formats, no bracing required.
  10. Simplifies the process of making your own canvas: DrumTyght™ stretcher bars and canvas can be assembled in minutes using only a phillips head screwdriver and a kitchen spatula.

Benefits provided by the artist—using DrumTyght Stretchers—to the collector:

  • Drumtyght™ stretcher bars are a superior quality painting foundation that matches the quality of the artist’s artwork and will never warp.
  • Drumtyght™ stretcher bars are designed to withstand the test of time and various environments once it’s in the hands of the collector
  • Drumtyght™ is a “green” product that is reusable, recyclable, sustainable and made in the USA

In summary, whether you paint like Michelangelo or Picasso, you need to paint on the “latest and greatest” foundation to enhance your reputation as a professional painter. Make it the best foundation—DrumTyght™ extruded aluminum stretcher bars—and never worry about warped canvases again.  Available in late fall 2015.

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