Make a Commitment to Your Future as an Artist

The success of the proposed National Artists Cooperative (NAC) will depend on member commitment. The potential benefits to vendors of working with a purchasing cooperative hinge on the confidence they have in its sustainability and its prospects for growth. Establishing a credible commitment to the artist community of customers or partners is to a large extent based on the membership.

Canaan by Stephen Hall, sumi ink on paper

Each member needs assurance that other members are also committed to support the long-term growth of the cooperative. Having a credible commitment also comes into play when trying to hire experienced purchasing managers to be the cooperative’s agent. Talented managers will see potential to grow the business, if members establish a commitment to its long-term growth.

Payment of either a membership fee or share of membership stock is a good way for members to signal their commitment to one another in going forward. NAC’s steering or planning committee will develop a value for becoming a member that is large enough to affirm commitment, but not so high as to discourage potential members from signing up.

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If the idea of making a comfortable, sustainable living through the sale of your artwork appeals to you, let me know of your interest in the creation of a national artist cooperative for 2d artists in the comments below.