“By pooling resources” artists can leverage their shared power into greater earnings!

By pooling resources, the National Cooperative Bank (NCB) says that cooperative members can leverage their shared power to buy, sell, market or bargain as one group, achieving economies of scale and sharing in any profits generated. In addition, [artist]  communities benefit both socially and fiscally by the cooperatives’ ability to access and deliver goods and services from across the nation.

Although similar to other business models, a cooperative [such as the proposed National Artists Cooperative] has several unique features. It is owned and controlled by its members, who have joined together to use the cooperative’s goods, services and facilities. NCB noted that co-ops provide over 2 million jobs and create more than $75 billion in annual wages with revenue of nearly $650 billion.

To learn more about how the National Artists Cooperative would operate and how it would make it easier to earn your living as an artist, please follow 2D Blogazine. To follow, click the yellow box on the upper, right hand section of the page.

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If the idea of making a comfortable, sustainable living through the sale of your artwork appeals to you, let me know of your interest in the creation of a national artist cooperative for 2d artists in the comments below.