What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.Shakespeare

If you were publishing a lifestyle magazine about the city of Louisville,Kentucky, then obviously the most appropriate name would be

Louisville Magazine
Louisville Magazine cover illustrated by Stephen Hall

Louisville Magazine. Likewise, if you’re a blogazine for painters, then 2D is an appropriate name for it. But, if you described the purpose of your blogazine with a tagline such as “from starving artist to living treasure,” you might ask what do we mean by that?

Living human treasure or living national treasure are titles some countries use to honor artists while still alive. The goal for most artists, however, is not to become treasured, but simply to be able to make a comfortable and sustainable living from their artwork. That’s also the core mission of 2D — to enable artists to make their living solely by their artwork. We will accomplish that through the promotion and formation of a national artists cooperative. For more information, click on National Artist Cooperative in the top-line menu.

To learn more about how the National Artists Cooperative would operate and how it would make it easier to earn your living as an artist, please follow 2D Blogazine. To follow, click the yellow box on the upper, right hand section of the page.

What do you think?

If the idea of making a comfortable, sustainable living through the sale of your artwork appeals to you, let me know of your interest in the creation of a national artist cooperative for 2d artists in the comments below.